FIT to Teach

Paisley Butterfly 13  is rolling out a new initiative designed to encourage teachers to become caregivers towards their own bodies.  EVERYONE is a teacher–whether to your own children in life, in the classroom or in the community! So this initiative is geared towards ALL! FIT to Teach

Nutrition and Physical Activities Handout

Many classroom teacher positions have lift requirement descriptions which tend to fall in the Medium to Heavy Work description on the Code of Federal Regulations.

Physical Exertion Requirements–US Social Security

The goal of Paisley Butterfly’s FIT to Teach Initiative is to encourage ALL teachers to care for their bodies in a way that will provide them with their own unique optimum performance. IMPORTANT: Please consult a physician before starting any fitness, exercise and nutrition plan or activity.

Currently, we invite willing participants to join us on Saturday mornings at the following dates, times and locations (COMING SOON)


Workout Playlist




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