Our Story

Paisley Butterfly 13 exists to support awareness of the thyroid, thyroid health and autoimmune diseases. Paisley Butterfly 13’s mission is to inspire, and support citizens in advocating for their own health.

The thyroid is a butterfly shape gland in the neck that regulates many of the body’s important functions.  Your body produces its own chemicals and uses them to control those functions; the main system that coordinates these chemicals is called the endocrine system.The thyroid is a major part of the that system.


In 2012, founder Latrece Johnson spent four days in the hospital. Doctors at the University of South Alabama Medical Center diagnosed with heart failure as a result of abnormal thyroid functioning.  Mrs. Johnson suffered from various symptoms of Grave’s Disease.  She had nodules known as ‘hot goiters’ attached to her thyroid which excreted an overproduction of thyroid hormone into her system. After successful surgery in May 2016 to remove the goiters and her thyroid, Mrs. Johnson manages her condition with the drug Levothyroxine which works to replace the thyroid hormone in her body. Through diet and correct medication administration, she lives a productive life. The quest to share information about autoimmune disease is part of our mission, too, as that thyroid disorders fall under that category.


In her search for information on Grave’s Disease, Mrs. Johnson learned that no support group existed on Alabama Gulf Coast for endocrine patients. Her experiences led her to create Paisley Butterfly 13.  Paisley is taken from the cross section attributes of the thyroid. Butterfly is the general shape of the thyroid gland. 13 represents Mrs. Johnson’s first name in the Spanish Language.